Time out


I’ve just come from what can only be described as the meeting of minds. Being so socially connected, it was so good to spend a few hours with someone and not have them check their phone every few seconds. I’m pleased to say that the hours sped by as we talked and laughed and I can’t wait to see her again, hopefully with our friend who introduced us to each other.

I know I am on a lot of social media, but I make it a point of putting my phone on silent/turning it off when I’m out with friends so they have my full attention, so it’s nice when friends do the same. We spend so much time “interacting” online, but how much time do we actually connect when we’re out? Who peeks at their phone at the first opportunity, send that “important “email or check messages?

There’s also the game where phones are placed on the table and whoever picks up their phone first pays the bill, to me it’s bad if you have to resort to bribery in order to take time away from social media in order to spend quality time with loved ones.

Today’s mindful Monday post is really a reminder to be mindful to try to take quality time out when with friends/loved ones.


One thought on “Time out

  1. I know I am guilty of this as are most of my friends so it’s nice to see a post talking about it as so many of us do I’m sure without really realising we’re doing it. At our office they have stopped allowing us to use our mobiles at work and I have to say I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would – who knew we could spend a few hours without social media or text messages? 😉

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