Angel Dee Review: Fight Klub


I headed over to Gymbox in Farringdon to try out their action packed class Fight Klub. To be totally honest, I was expecting light sparring and a few kicks so I packed my running kit to go for a run afterward with my Crew.
Ten minutes into the session, I knew forgetting to pack my running trainers was the best thing I did.

The class was back in the same area I had tried out the Gravity Workout in, this time with huge free standing sparring bags that we dragged out into the space. By the time we had done that, I was pretty ready to go home. Our vibrant teacher for the session Chiraz was full of energy which did mean that the session started off very energetically and it was high octane from start to finish.

After the warm up we went straight into punching drills which were in time with the fast beats. I have to say after the few days I had prior, this was indeed my favourite part to the session and it gave me a chance to let the bag have it and my vest was off pretty much right at the beginning. Chiraz made sure she came around to everyone offering encouragement and offered gentle tips on improving form. Excellent. As we completed each drill, we were made to keep moving so the whole of the session apart from quick water stops, it was literally non-stop.
By the time we had gotten the punches, kneeing and series of kicks in, we then had a change of pace involving jumps, mountain climbers on the punch bags and sprints before copying the drills on the right side.


The “cool down” which makes me laugh even now, was an ab workout on the floor. Now you know I love a great core workout, but after going in on the punching bags? Who am I kidding, I loved it!! To say I will be back to do this workout again especially when I’ve finished my marathon next month and cutting down the running completely is a total understatement. Chiraz was a great teacher and the class itself is great for toning, cardio and core.

If you’re looking for a fantastic cardio, adrenaline fuelled workout; look no further than Fight Klub. But tell your friends quietly as you know what the first rule of Fight Klub is, don’t you?

To find out what time your local Gymbox hosts Fight Klub sessions, click here.

For more information on the lovely trainer, Chiraz click here.


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