Being mindful of ourselves and others


As you may or may not be aware I have a long standing battle with depression and for me meditation, yoga and exercise keeps the dark clouds at bay. With the link between body and mind, I think it is important to be aware and look after both body and mind in order to stay healthy.

This doesn’t mean having to “go hard” all the time, in fact mindful rest is as if note more important than beasting it in the gym.

Today’s Mindful Monday post is about being more mindful. In recent weeks I’ve spoken about being grateful, spending quality time with loved ones without being connected to social media and self belief. Now it’s time to take some time to just breathe. I touched on this a while back, but it is important at times to just be still.

You don’t need to travel anywhere fancy, find a place where you feel comfortable and can have some time, turn off your phone/tablet/communication devices and sit down. Now just listen. The wind blowing through the trees, the bird communicating with another bird across the way, the cars outside. Now focus on steady breathing in …. And out. Nice even breathing. If you can manage ten minutes, fifteen or even three see if you can do it.

If you’re able to, every day this week take some time. I try to do this every morning and my day is usually then a good one.

Second task for this week is to thank someone and where possible explain why you’re thanking them. It could be as simple as a quick thank you to the man/woman who stopped at the zebra crossing to let you cross the road. Or your friend who called you when you had a bad day and made you laugh. We can be very quick to point out mistakes or moments where we aren’t happy with someone, but we don’t say thank you enough, especially where it could mean someone else is having a bad day and your words of gratitude take that person to a better mind space.

Have a wonderful week.

Love and light.


2 thoughts on “Being mindful of ourselves and others

  1. I would like to thank you for being a continual inspiration from a far! You have taught me how to be proud of myself while striving for something better (plus you can stand on your head and I am easily impressed!)
    Big love x

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