Om Yoga Show and Positive Spirit


With yoga taking a very focal place in my fitness after my operation in February, I’ve found it to have done more than just ‘a little stretching’. With daily practice, alongside meditative inclusion it’s also been great for my mental strength. Having taken up yoga a long time ago and only seriously concentrating on practice recently, I booked my ticket in the Summer and attended the Om Yoga Show this weekend to get more information and network with more like minded people, and it was nice to have conversations with people about their perspective on the many forms of yogic practices as I will be starting teacher training in 2014.

I was fortunate enough to take the open workshops with Sam Rao, British Wheel of Yoga and Michael Gannon. I was also used to demonstrate the FeetUp stool with its inventor Kilian Trenkle who was both very warm and funny. The stool itself was something I had seen online and was not sure about at all. Having had the chance to use it now, I would say that it definitely takes away the fear that people may have about headstands and any anxiety about putting their body weight onto the neck/shoulders/head as there isn’t any! The stool is something I am contemplating purchasing for days when I’m a little tired and still want to work on inversions. Having run a a marathon the week before in San Francisco, all of the workshops were both very good at giving my body a well needed stretch and helped in combating the jet lag I was trying to reduce and I LOVE being upside down!!

As a result of connecting with people, I have been lucky enough to get a place on a yoga therapy course with the lovely Mieke of Positive Spirit which starts this Sunday and I will document my progress during this time. The eight week course looks at drawing on yoga principles and mindfulness mediation techniques which have recently been used for therapeutic purposes in aiding stress reduction. It combines yoga postures with breath work and meditation. With the yoga rebalancing the nervous system there are eight weekly themes that will be a deeper exploration of first the mind and then into the body. I will be given weekly homework tasks and armed with a manual and CD to support daily practice between sessions.

After leaving the show, I felt that I did make some meaningful contacts amongst the wealth of commercial stalls. The show is definitely worth visiting if you’re looking for new classes, aids etc. but it can also feel a little like a huge shop if you’re not careful. The workshops were definitely my favourite element of the show and I came away with some techniques to help open up my hips as I have trouble in that area with all the running I do.

For more information on Mieke’s Yoga Therapy course or general classes, visit her Positive Spirit website here

Sam Rao Yoga website
British Wheel of Yogawebsite
FeetUp website



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