Abs Like Angel


It seems I can’t get away from “Abs Like Angel”, so it is back.

Every Monday in November, I will be posting very short videos on my Instagram feed @angeldeefiitness of exercises to do (with no sign of a stomach crunch in sight) as well as food tips as abs are made in the gym and the kitchen. I’m not a nutrition expert, so it will be recipes for food I eat to aid in resisting sugary/fatty snacking as they keep those abs at bay.

Any queries you can post under my Instagram videos or email me on angelicious1@gmail.com. Remember to breathe and smile!!

Love and light x

Instagram: @angeldeefiitness



Putting my money where my mouth is (or should that be abs?)

As you’re probably well aware of by now I have been concentrating on getting stronger while I rest my knee after an injury. The challenge is over now but I am carrying it on as part of my strength work while I train for these marathons.

Melissa asked if a few of the challengers would document their progression by shooting a video, which I agreed to. Here is is below, and I know my technique needs (a lot of) work, but hey, I’m not perfect … yet! Video quality isn’t the best, bite me!

For more information on the next twelve months have a look at my 2012: Year of the Unstoppable page and donate if you can! x

There is no finish line ..

Yesterday saw me complete my 30 Day Ab Challenge as set by Melissa at the beginning of November and initially when I woke up and did my workout I was glad it was over. But my euphoria faded pretty rapidly and I wondered “what next?”

I have incorporated weights and attend Nike Training Club on a Saturday and the abdominal workouts I was doing before were basically stepped up when I agreed to the challenge, but by finishing this it was going to leave a massive cavern in my weekly routine.

So guess what? I am going to continue this at least until January. While it has been good, I feel I can get a little more definition. The obliques have definitely seen a vast improvement, but there is room for more I think.The photo above isn’t reflective of where I wanted to be by now .. *sigh*

Ignoring the very ignorant and poor grammatical comment I had on Facebook about “women not wanting to be as defined as that” I actually do. So I will seek that and reach that goal. *massive side eye*

As my post it note here keeps reminding me, “There is no finish line.” So onwards and upwards!


Rolling in the deep

So following the post on the injury I picked up, thought I would let you know I’m not sitting here stuffing my face with chocolate while watching the TV resting on my laurels. (This is just a fantasy at the moment, I will be doing lots of this come the 28th May 2012 post Edinburgh Marathon and trust me you will ALL know about it .. I will probably post a blog including a photo too!)

I have indeed been resting the knee, but my 30 Day Ab Challenge has been going relatively well. But following my initial consult with the physiotherapist at Crystal Palace Sports Injury Clinic, I have added rolling to my repertoire.

Just a quick run down to the injury istelf first and then I’ll let you know what rolling is.

I have strained the Iliotibial Band where it joins the knee cap (see diagram below) which turns out after speaking with Amy my physiotherapist and the usual ‘let me check this out on Google’ thing is a common runners injury.

I was quite happy to hear this. Not the injury mind you, but the fact that I am classed as a runner enough now that I picked up that type of injury. Sad, I know! It is fully repairable and with rolling plus a couple of visits I should be running faster and stronger very soon. Hurrah!

Now onto ‘rolling’ – I have many songs and phrases that come to mind now but I won’t bore you with them. After having a go in my session and remembering Melissa’s recommendation on the apparatus, I rapidly purchased a foam roller (below) which was under £15 for a large one and have been working on my ITB’s (sides of the thighs,) quads, hamstrings and calves.

Am already noticing that the extreme tightness in my quads is getting better and my right calf is feeling a lot less stiff already so although this injury has set me back running-wise, in the long run (pun intended) my overall maintenance will be much better. Hurrah again! I highly recommend this if you’re a runner, need help with troublesome muscles or as a cheaper but just as effective replacement for a sports massage (Amy even said so herself..)

Thanks to the CPSIC for their help. For some foam rolling exercises have a look here.



Video Blog: November

Check out my latest vlog below 🙂


One step forward .. six jumps back

So I have been really pleased with my progress recently and have felt so confident that I am able to get the marathons under my belt. I have had a lot of support from family, friends, my training partner Darren and there has been a warm response from work with colleagues and all sorts. Overwhelming but in a good way.

But Sunday came and disaster struck. I twisted my knee ever so slightly, but with lots of rest when I can, ice and elevation it isn’t getting better.



So I have booked an appointment at the nearby Sports Injury Clinic to get them to help with getting fighting fit, strengthening the knee and back to running in no time. They are amazing and rather than wait for a referral and/or for the knee to get better I would prefer to go sooner rather than later and to be fair it hasn’t been long but I am really itching to get back out there and clocking up those miles in my legs. In the meantime I have been getting on with the 30 Day Ab Challenge and have been pushing myself there with extra workouts, focusing my frustration of not being able to run on my abdominal muscles. [Insert Sparta style grunt here.]

I really am a glutton for punishment, eh?


01/11/2011 – The Beginning

The past week has been somewhat phenomenal. I have learned a lot about myself.

I started the week off (Tuesday) with the 30 Day Ab Challenge (30DAC) which has been challenging but which quite frankly left me in bits on the floor. First of all, who told me to leave the heating on, and secondly who is Ivan? I’d love to know as there is a move called the Crazy Ivan that was part of the 15 minute workout which involves sitting with your feet off the floor, straight back and in essence the Saturday Night Fever move. All I know is I now dislike anyone called Ivan from hereon in … Tuesday was the first day back after a horrific cold/flu thing (which I think I still have the remnants of) which had me in bed from the previous Tuesday until Sunday. I have managed to get through the workouts without stopping. Granted, my neighbours have probably thought I am a mad woman grunting, but I don’t care.

The same day saw me take on the Nike Running with Darren who is training for the London Marathon. Very exciting day for the pair of us. A big learning curve as I struggled particularly for the last mile of our 4 mile run but I did not stop once. Mentally that was a big thing for me because I know if I was running alone I most likely would have. The date 01/11/11 is going to be marked as a special date for me as it was a day that I did not quit. Not even for a second before carrying on.

Thursday saw a return of the 30 Day Ab Challenge workout which was tougher as I’d had the run a couple of days before and my muscles were tired, but again I maintained through grunting and did the damn thing. I also spoke to someone who is going to help me with a project tying in my bungee jump, half and full marathon. The immense love I felt and the belief in me was overwhelming. Stay tuned, and you will definitely be the first to know once logistics have been finalised!

Friday I took on a 5km run with slight reluctance, but those 30 odd minutes passed without realisation and I actually ran almost 6km, good times!!

I am sitting here now broken as I have just finished the third day of the week with the 30DAC. Feeling tired but proud of myself. And thanks to those of you who have been so supportive, it is very much appreciated.

Bring on another week!


Two challenges; one post .. hurrah!

Now aren’t you a lucky lot today, two posts? Yes indeed!

This will be a double hitter as I don’t want to shock you so much with a third post now, that would be far too generous of me. *wink*

First up a heads up, its the first day of the 30 Day Ab Challenge I was forced into signed up to. And judging by the first workout it looks like Things. Just. Got. Interesting. Let’s hope I’m still able to move later as I am running with my friend Darren later.

Not too late to sign up. 30 other people are on this so you’ll have a support network, its free, and everyone has their own reason/personal goal as to why they’re on this quest, so don’t be shy. Details below.

Next up is my latest Vlog to keep you posted on my Year of the Unstoppable journey. Hopefully better than my first attempt. Enjoy.

For more information on the 30 Day Ab Challenge check out Thru the Blue’s blog, and while you’re there check out the post written about me (yay)

If you’re on Twitter follow @thrutheblue, or search via the hashtag #30DayAbChallenge.


Crunches and Kilometres


Today is the penultimate before I take part in the 30 Day Ab Challenge set out by Melissa and I’m actually looking forward to 30 days of hard work. Glutton for punishment? Perhaps.

For me its going to be more of a test in discipline as well as focusing me on a(nother) goal. My core muscles are terrible in the sense of suffering with sciatica and this will hopefully add to my current target of eliminating the excruciating pain I go through most winters. I can’t afford that when trying to train, walking is a myth when the pain hits let alone a 5km run!

We had to submit a before photo which did momentarily throw me but in essence it is to make a comparison at the end, and in many ways remind you of how far you’ve come.

That reminded me that I need to be documenting my running progress more so that I have a tangible route for where I started, travelled to and ended up. I mean, I plan my routes when I go running so why not my entire journey?

Before I go all Dalai Lama on your ass I’ll stop, but I will try to document progress more and for those who wanted more video blogs, we’ll see?

For more information on the 30 Day Ab Challenge check out Thru the Blue’s blog, and while you’re there check out the post written about me (yay)

If you’re on Twitter follow @thrutheblue, or search via the hashtag #30DayAbChallenge.


30 Day Ab Challenge


So despite having my hands full with training for a half and full marathon I’m also taking on a 30 day ab challenge set by Melissa of Thru the Blue as I clearly didn’t have enough on my hands!

It will consist of:

* 30 day progressive ab and core workout plan, including daily workouts
*Scheduled Rest Days and Stretches
*Basic Nutrition Advice
*Video Guides
*Supplementary workout ideas

Now until just now I didn’t realise we would be starting it tomorrow with a photo submission so I’ve put the spuds back on the counter as I’m already bloating due to my monthly visit coming early *groans and throws herself onto the floor*

I’m a mixture of focused, excited and anxious but hey, bring it ON!

For more information on the 30 Day Ab Challenge check out Thru the Blue’s blog, and while you’re there check out the post written about me (yay)

If you’re on Twitter follow @thrutheblue, or search via the hashtag #30DayAbChallenge.