Smoothie Saturday


Well hello there, it seems you want in on the Smoothie Saturday lowdown? Look no further than here my friend!

I’ve listed some staple ingredients you might want to have in your kitchen as well as some tips just in case you were interested.

Staple Ingredients:

Rolled Oats – I don’t eat banana/yoghurt.
Frozen fruit


* I use oats to thicken, but be aware it doesn’t blend smooth so you may want to blend first before adding other ingredients.

* Ginger is great for the immune and digestion systems, a zing to the smoothie can do your body the world of good.

* If I know my morning is going to be hectic, I have been known to make it the night before and store in the fridge overnight ready for the following day.
All it needs is a quick stir and you’re good to go.

* For a last minute blend, ice is good to have to hand to ensure the smoothie is cold, nothing worse than a warm, thick glass of fruit and veg.

* Fresh mint is lovely to add a touch of freshness to your glass of goodness.

* Washing up is the worst part of the job, a hand blender is a good alternative to the standard blender with all the bells and whistles on it and there is less to clean. You can get one from approximately £5.

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