Abs Like Angel


It seems I can’t get away from “Abs Like Angel”, so it is back.

Every Monday in November, I will be posting very short videos on my Instagram feed @angeldeefiitness of exercises to do (with no sign of a stomach crunch in sight) as well as food tips as abs are made in the gym and the kitchen. I’m not a nutrition expert, so it will be recipes for food I eat to aid in resisting sugary/fatty snacking as they keep those abs at bay.

Any queries you can post under my Instagram videos or email me on angelicious1@gmail.com. Remember to breathe and smile!!

Love and light x

Instagram: @angeldeefiitness



Putting my money where my mouth is (or should that be abs?)

As you’re probably well aware of by now I have been concentrating on getting stronger while I rest my knee after an injury. The challenge is over now but I am carrying it on as part of my strength work while I train for these marathons.

Melissa asked if a few of the challengers would document their progression by shooting a video, which I agreed to. Here is is below, and I know my technique needs (a lot of) work, but hey, I’m not perfect … yet! Video quality isn’t the best, bite me!

For more information on the next twelve months have a look at my 2012: Year of the Unstoppable page and donate if you can! x

There is no finish line ..

Yesterday saw me complete my 30 Day Ab Challenge as set by Melissa at the beginning of November and initially when I woke up and did my workout I was glad it was over. But my euphoria faded pretty rapidly and I wondered “what next?”

I have incorporated weights and attend Nike Training Club on a Saturday and the abdominal workouts I was doing before were basically stepped up when I agreed to the challenge, but by finishing this it was going to leave a massive cavern in my weekly routine.

So guess what? I am going to continue this at least until January. While it has been good, I feel I can get a little more definition. The obliques have definitely seen a vast improvement, but there is room for more I think.The photo above isn’t reflective of where I wanted to be by now .. *sigh*

Ignoring the very ignorant and poor grammatical comment I had on Facebook about “women not wanting to be as defined as that” I actually do. So I will seek that and reach that goal. *massive side eye*

As my post it note here keeps reminding me, “There is no finish line.” So onwards and upwards!


Video Blog: November

Check out my latest vlog below 🙂


Crunches and Kilometres


Today is the penultimate before I take part in the 30 Day Ab Challenge set out by Melissa and I’m actually looking forward to 30 days of hard work. Glutton for punishment? Perhaps.

For me its going to be more of a test in discipline as well as focusing me on a(nother) goal. My core muscles are terrible in the sense of suffering with sciatica and this will hopefully add to my current target of eliminating the excruciating pain I go through most winters. I can’t afford that when trying to train, walking is a myth when the pain hits let alone a 5km run!

We had to submit a before photo which did momentarily throw me but in essence it is to make a comparison at the end, and in many ways remind you of how far you’ve come.

That reminded me that I need to be documenting my running progress more so that I have a tangible route for where I started, travelled to and ended up. I mean, I plan my routes when I go running so why not my entire journey?

Before I go all Dalai Lama on your ass I’ll stop, but I will try to document progress more and for those who wanted more video blogs, we’ll see?

For more information on the 30 Day Ab Challenge check out Thru the Blue’s blog, and while you’re there check out the post written about me (yay)

If you’re on Twitter follow @thrutheblue, or search via the hashtag #30DayAbChallenge.


30 Day Ab Challenge


So despite having my hands full with training for a half and full marathon I’m also taking on a 30 day ab challenge set by Melissa of Thru the Blue as I clearly didn’t have enough on my hands!

It will consist of:

* 30 day progressive ab and core workout plan, including daily workouts
*Scheduled Rest Days and Stretches
*Basic Nutrition Advice
*Video Guides
*Supplementary workout ideas

Now until just now I didn’t realise we would be starting it tomorrow with a photo submission so I’ve put the spuds back on the counter as I’m already bloating due to my monthly visit coming early *groans and throws herself onto the floor*

I’m a mixture of focused, excited and anxious but hey, bring it ON!

For more information on the 30 Day Ab Challenge check out Thru the Blue’s blog, and while you’re there check out the post written about me (yay)

If you’re on Twitter follow @thrutheblue, or search via the hashtag #30DayAbChallenge.