Vote for Rochelle!!

I don’t usually post blogs of this nature, but I feel that it is necessary.

A lovely woman by the name of Rochelle has come on leaps and bounds in her fitness and has worked very hard from her heaviest at a size 22 to the woman you see in the photo above. She has remained humble throughout and is always encouraging others to have a healthy attitude towards fitness. Now you may not want to be as ripped as she is, but her worth ethic is infectious along with her bright smile.

As a result, she has entered a competition to be the next Vi model. Vi shakes are a fitness shake you can drink to help with weight loss. (Whilst I don’t use shakes in this nature or talk about losing weight on my blog as I’m an advocate for health and fitness, I’m respectful of the decision of others to chose this way to aid in weight loss). I would like you to also vote for her, the link is below and on her Instagram bio @roch_roch. You can vote once a day for the duration of the voting.

Vote here!! – the link does close for vote counting, so keep trying if it is down for a bit.
Good luck Rochelle!!

Richelle can be found on Instagram and on Twitter